The Legend of Valdis Myrkùrdottir

Valdis Myrkurdòttir was born as the eldest daughter in 1383 in Iceland. Her father was a poet and a boozer and when Valdis mother dies and the father no longer is able to take care of his family, Valdis has to provide for her three younger siblings.
She tries to assert herself as a poet like her father, but doesn’t succeed. So she gets an offer from the Dark that in exchange for her soul, achieve great success as a storyteller. Desperate as she is, she accepts the offer, leaving her soul to darkness.

The success is immediate: the stories that come out of her mouth is fabulous and magical and it’s not long before Eric of Pomerania discovers her and takes her to his court, where she entertain the royals with her stories. Even the family may move in and Valdis
and her siblings and father has a chance to replace their poor and meager existence for a luxurious and comfortable life. But no happiness lasts forever – while Valdis family members age and die
one by one, Valdis remains young and immortal, doomed to for time and eternity tell new stories.

Valdis Myrkurdottir